Raw Crystals vs. Tumble Stones? Which one is better? Do they have different healing powers? - My shortest answer is, no, not really, but let's dive in a little deeper.

Raw crystals are just raw. Untouched, untreated, and found just the way you would find them if you were to pull them out from the Earth yourself. They can vary from small to large natural formations. Since they are raw they can be slightly more fragile (especially softer stones) in this state. Some crystal healers believe that raw stones have more of a pure energy, since they have been untouched and unchanged.

I personally am very fascinated by raw crystals. The rough texture and shape just give me something special when I'm holding them. Seeing all the edges, markings, colour variations, and simply the way they feel is so amazing to me. Think about how much beauty this planet holds, amazing!

Tumble stones or polished stones as some would say, have gone through a process to smooth them out. The tumbling process does not take anything away from the crystal’s energy or vibration. The smooth even finish is very appealing for many people, they feel good in your hand and the process also highlights characteristics of the crystals you wouldn't otherwise see when in the raw form. They come in different sizes from small, to very large polished free forms.

I love to meditate with polished stones, the smooth feeling in my hand, makes me connect with the crystal energy in a way that just automatically brings me in to a meditative state.  

Raw and polished crystals


The harder types of crystals (5 or above on the Mohs hardness scale) have likely been through the tumbling process. This process can take up to four weeks and is four different steps taken to achieve the perfectly formed and polished crystals. This process is ideal for crystals that have sheen or flash like Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite, or Tigers Eye as the polishing process makes that flash or sheen much brighter and easier to see.

Each type of crystal holds the same energy whether it is a large enchanting sphere, or a small tumbled piece of Black Obsidian. You will get all of the same powerful and healing benefits with any size piece. Smaller raw and tumbled stones are affordable and easily accessible for anyone at any stage on their crystal journey.

Some days I wish I had a bathtub made of Amethyst, but that small raw crystal I always carry in my pocket, can hold just as much power if I let it. The true power found in crystals comes from yourself, and how you decide to use them.

Love and powerful crystal energy to you <3



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  • Thank you very much Michelle, sending love and gratitude to you now

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  • this article was plagarized from the crystal school of love and light

  • When you say raw crystals, it means they are harvested directly from the earth. As a result, they are untarnished and their innate energy is still intact. They might not appear prettier compared to tumbled stones since they have not undergone synthetic polishing. https://trendtoreview.com/polished-or-raw-crystals/

    raw crystals
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