Deep, down in the Earth, many years ago, crystals formed under immense heat and pressure. Maintaining their form for millions of years before being discovered by humans, these crystalline forms contain information about the Earth from its ancient past. Stones and crystals are the oldest material we can access that has not decayed and has survived millions of years of Earth’s changes. There is no doubt that these minerals contain vital spiritual and technological information about ancient civilIzations, and the creation of Earth.

Fast Forward to 2021.. Today we are very fascinated by crystals, we see crystals pop up on Instagram, we read about them in magazines and we hear more people talk about crystals. That might be one of the reasons you are now curious to learn more? Either way, you are ready, and I have created this blog post to help jump start your crystal journey!

I usually like to say to everyone asking me about crystals:” If they make you smile, they’re helping you!” – And that is very true, but there is more to it… So I have collected information about the five questions I get asked the most and this is what I will cover in this beginner’s guide to crystals: 
  • What are crystals used for?
  • What are the best crystals to start with?
  • What healing crystals do I need?
  • How to focus a crystal?
  • How to charge & cleanse your crystals?
What Are Crystals Used For?

Crystals are used for relieving stress, helping you sleep better at night, improving your self-esteem, helping you forgive, helping you focus or concentrate or be more creative – almost any trouble you are having, there is a crystal for that.

A few things you can do with crystals; Hold them in your hands, Place them where you will see them often, Meditate or pray with them, Keep them in your pocket, Combine them with your essential oils, Place them under your pillow at night or Use them in your alter or as holistic home decor.

Crystals are little pieces of minerals that have hardened and formed into stunning colors and shapes due to a combination of nearby materials, heat, and pressure.  Amethyst and quartz, for example, are both types of clear quartz, but amethyst color comes from the color centers in the quartz. These are created when trace amounts of iron are irradiated (from the natural irradiation in the rocks)

Over the years ancient wisdom has developed, and we have learned to use certain crystals for specific purposes; Rose Quartz, for example, is known as the ultimate love stone, while Citrine is known as one of the best crystals for beginners because of its ability to motivate and inspire creativity.

What Are the Best Crystals to Start With?

Here are my 6 favorite crystals for beginners: 

  • Amethyst (emotional balance, protection, and confidence)
  • Rose quartz (relationship love, self-love and appreciation) 
  • Rock Crystal (the ultimate healing stone) 
  • Citrine (success, abundance, creativity, and power)
  • Smokey quartz (detoxifying, blocking negative energy, and settling fears) 
  • Aquamarine (courage, calms the mind, useful for closure, and promotes self-expression)

These are my 6 favorite crystals for beginners for a few reasons. First, they are all very beautiful!:) Second, these must-have crystals for beginners, are all relatively easy to find. You can find five of them right here in my Crystal Starter Set Deluxe, but you can also find individual stones, like this gorgeous Smokey Quartz Tumble Stone. Finally, all of these crystals are completely affordable –however, I will say this: cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to crystals.

You want crystals that are ethically chosen and sourced. All of the crystals sold on The Crystal Avenues are ethically sourced and they are all cleansed as soon as they arrive to me (more on the cleansing process below).  

What Healing Crystals Do I Need? 

Here is what the six of my favorite crystals for beginners can help with:

  • Stress, tension, or worry; help with balance or grounding and protection (amethyst) 
  • Help with relationships, whether family, romantic, or friendly, or with yourself (rose quartz)
  • Powerful, flexible stone that can amplify any affirmation or intention (rock crystal)
  • Lack of energy or motivation, lacking creativity, want to grow an abundance mindset (citrine)
  • Courage and the ability to speak truth to power; soothing and balancing (aquamarine) 
  • Help focus your mind on positive thoughts, leaving behind fears, anxieties, & other negative emotions (smokey quartz)

Here is a little bit more information about each of the crystals:

Amethyst: is a beautiful purple stone that can range from truly lavender to a really saturated purple. Amethyst is such a balancing, centering stone, that is one of the reasons you see it used for home decor so often. It’s beautiful, but it also has a soothing effect on everybody in the room. If you want a crystal to display, try Amethyst! 

Rose Quartz: The Stone of Love. This pale pink stone can definitely help with relationships, but in fact it does that by helping you with your relationship to yourself first. You know that saying, you can’t pour from an empty glass? Rose quartz helps increase compassion, empathy, and love – all of which can help you set boundaries, communicate your truth, and state what you need in a relationship. I love to wear and look at rose quartz it helps me feel grounded and centered.

Rock Crystal: Whether its raw or not, rock crystal is gorgeous and powerful. It is, in fact, the ultimate healing stone. If you need clear direction on what you want or need in life, it will partner with you to help bring the healing or forward progress you are looking for. Hold it while you speak affirmations or intentions during your day or as the first thing in the morning. 

Citrine: can be yellow, orange, or brown, and is as energizing as any orange or lemon! It’s a classic creativity stone - keep it by your workspace or wherever you think your best thoughts. Similarly, citrine can also help you shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. It can also help energize you and fill you with that purposeful sense of power every day needs. 

Smokey Quartz: is a type of quartz, but instead of being completely clear, it has this fantastic dark grey/brown color. Smokey quartz will stand guard over your house, blocking negative energies. It will also help with a good detox. :) Smokey quartz helps to focus your attention and mind on positive, forward thoughts, leaving behind fears, anxieties, and other negative emotions that are holding you back. 

Aquamarine: comes in blues and greens and tends to be clear and more gemstone-like. Aquamarine calms the mind so you can realx. It also promotes self-expression, increases courage, and can help bring you that almighty closure. Take deep breaths while you hold it close to your heart. 

How to Focus A Crystal?

A crystal or stone must become focused on a clear purpose if you wish for its magical properties to cocreate with you effectively. Just like humans, a crystal works better when a clear understanding has been administered. The crystal must know what it is that you are both trying to accomplish together. This is why we dedicate crystals to their specific purposes.

Each crystal is unique with a specific crystalline energy structure, color ray, and fundamental earth power based on their atomic structure.

However, even though crystals naturally embody key attributes, these powerful stones still require alignment to your mind and spirit before they can work with you to accomplish anything of noticeable value.

How does that work? - focusing a crystal is a learning process. My best beginners advice is to start connecting to your crystal. Look at it and pay attention to how it makes you feel and think. Talk to your crystal and tell it what you need from it and how it can help you. If this sounds too strange and you don't feel comfortable doing it, then simply just think the thought while holding the crystal in your hand.


How to Charge & Cleanse Your Crystals?

As crystals are busy helping you heal, they will eventually need a little maintenance, themselves. Here are several ways to cleanse your crystals. You should do this when you first get your crystals, but you can also do these things anytime you feel their power dimming. 

  • The moon & sun (set your crystals out all night during a full moon, or even all day in the direct sun, just be aware some crystal colours face in sunlight) 
  • Smoke cleanse (you can cleanse your crystals the same way you’d cleanse your space, with for example sage or palo santo wood)
  • Selenite (selenite is cleansing crystal; placing your crystals on or near selenite will cleanse them) 
  • The earth (return your crystals to the earth by burying them for a night; in the morning, they’ll be fully charged and ready to go) 
  • Salt (place your crystals in sea salt or Himalayan salt for 24 hours for them to recharge)
I hope you found my beginners guide useful and that you will apply some of my tips at home. Don’t hesitate to send me your questions here in the comments or on Instagram! Thank you for reading along and stay tuned for new blog posts each month!


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