Terms of Service & Privacy Policy


When you place an order via www.thecrystalavenues.com the order is a binding offer to purchase products under these terms and conditions. You will, before approving your order, have the option to correct or delete products that you have added to the shopping cart and change the information you have provided in connection with your purchase.

Your order is not shipped or binding until you have pressed "approve order."


The price for a product is the price(s) indicated on www.thecrystalavenues.com at the time of booking. Subject to misprints and sold out items. The price for any delivery is stated on your order and the total price for your order is shown in the order confirmation.

All prices for products on www.thecrystalavenues.com are valid until changed. Prices are quoted in Danish kroner incl. VAT, but excl. delivery costs.

It is possible to pay with Dankort, VISA-Dankort, Mastercard, VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, JCB Cards & Paypal. Payment is subject to a transaction fee corresponding to the rates determined by NETS Danmark A/S.

The Crystal Avenues withdraws first the amount from your account when the respective order is ready for dispatch. Once the transaction is completed, it will appear in your account. Your information is sent directly and is SSL encrypted to The Crystal Avenues's payment service provider when the payment is paid by debit card. The Crystal Avenues does not have access to your payment information.


The Crystal Avenues sends you an electronic order confirmation as approval of your purchase. The order confirmation contains the order number, name, address, shipping address, payment method, the specification of the ordered products and the total price incl. any delivery costs.

The Crystal Avenues receives a digital copy of all orders, but it is recommended that you print the order confirmation as it contains important information about the order. The order confirmation is also relevant if the purchase is cancelled or you have objections to the purchase. The final agreement has been reached when the order confirmation has been sent from The Crystal Avenues and the agreement includes the products listed in the order confirmation.

When you receive the order confirmation, it is recommended that you review it and immediately contact us if you believe it contains errors or inconsistencies on: info@thecrystalavenues.com. The order stated in the order confirmation is valid unless you make a written submission immediately after receipt of the order confirmation since The Crystal Avenues will ship the product immediately after the order receipt.


You are entitled to cancel your purchase up to 14 days after you have received the purchase or up to 14 days after the first delivery.

You can undo the purchase of a product by:

  • Contacting The Crystal Avenues and return the product 
  • Refusing to receive the product and submit a written mail on the matter 
  • Refraining from picking up the product and at the same time inform us accordingly.

In order to make use of the cancellation right, you must inform us within 14 days of receipt of the item by the unambiguous statement. The message must be written to info@thecrystalavenues.com.

You can not undo a purchase by refusing to receive the item without giving us a clear notice about it.

It is recommended that you save the receipt or documentation that you have sent us a written message. 


If you do not collect your package in the parcel shop, within the given timeframe set by GLS or any other carrier and the package are returned to The Crystal Avenues, you will be held responsible for covering the return fee*. Packages returned to The Crystal Avenues will be stored for 30 days. If you wish to have your package resend, you will be responsible for covering both the return fee and for paying the new shipping cost. Please send an e-mail to info@thecrystalavenues.com with information about, wherever or not you wish to have your package resend.

If we do not hear from you within 30 days after receiving your return package, we will refund you the excess amount, if any, after deducting the return fee.

*return fees are based on the actual fee paid to GLS or any other carrier by The Crystal Avenues + a handling fee of 25dkk.


The information you provide The Crystal Avenues in connection with your purchase via www.thecrystalavenues.com (name, address, phone number, e-mail, etc.) as well as information that you may give The Crystal Avenues is treated confidentially and used to expedite your ordering, for statistical use and for any other contact with you. The Crystal Avenues does not collect information about you elsewhere. Personal data is transmitted from you to www.thecrystalavenues.com in non-encrypted form.  Personal information is stored by The Crystal Avenues in a database on a secure server with no access for the public. Your information is kept for up to 6 years and only to the extent that it is legal. According to the Personal Data Act, you have the possibility of insight into and correction of the personal data that concern you.

You may also object to further processing of your personal information.

The Crystal Avenues does not have access to your payment card information.


When you provide your e-mail in connection with a purchase on The Crystal Avenues, we may use the e-mail address to contact you regarding the current agreement and for the marketing of similar products. In addition, The Crystal Avenues can generally use the e-mail address to market products and services to you to the extent that you have consented to receive this marketing material. You can always dismiss receiving marketing material by using the link in the electronic marketing material that you have received.


To facilitate the procedure for your future purchases on www.thecrystalavenues.com, we use a so-called "cookie". It is a small file that is stored on your own PC. This means that you do not have to enter your address the next time you purchase products at our webshop. It is possible to delete the cookie on your PC.