What Hand Should I Wear My Crystal Bracelet On?

Crystal jewelry never goes out of fashion, in fact they have been around for so many years, so it's no surprise that we are drawn to the beauty of them today!
 Crystal bracelets have been worn for centuries. The first historical references to the use of crystal jewelry came from the Ancient Egyptians, who used lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald and rock crystal in their jewelry, primarily for beauty, protection and health. 
Image source: https://www.glencairnmuseum.org/
If you, like many others, are interested in learning how to wear your crystal bracelets effectively, you should continue reading.
First of all, let's talk about our hands. Because our hands are strong energy fields to receive and give energy and that is why, it is important to consider, what hand to wear your bracelet on.
The left hand is the receiving hand, which means it is absorbing energies.
You should therefore wear your crystal bracelet on your left hand, if you wish to receive its healing energy or if you wish to receive energy from others.
The right hand is the giving hand, which means it is releasing energies.
So wear your crystal bracelet on your right hand, if you want to release your inside energy, give the energy to others or protect yourself from receiving negative energy.

It is important to note, that these are guidelines you can choose to follow, but no matter what feels right for you, you should always listen to it. Because that will ultimately be, the most accurate for you. You intuition is never wrong!

Okay lets break it down, here are some examples for you:
ROSE QUARTZ the stone of unconditional and divine love. This is one of the most important stones for opening the heart to all types of love, including self-love. It is particularly helpful in lowering stress and bringing about peace, while promoting forgiveness on all levels. 
To receive the loving energies of Rose Quartz or to boost your self-love, you should wear this bracelet on your left hand, the receiving hand! Do you wish to forgive or let go of stress, you should wear it on your right hand, the giving hand, in order to let those energies go.  
BLACK TOURMALINEone of the most powerful stones for protection and purification. It banishes all negativity and is protecting on all levels. It provides an excellent shield against environmental pollutants, electromagnetic smog, and radiation associated with cell phones, computers, and other electronic equipment.
To receive the protecting energies of Black Tourmaline, wear the bracelet on your left hand, the receiving hand. To purify your body or to let go of any negativity, wear this bracelet on your right hand, to let go of those energies.
ANGELITEholds a peaceful energy, that is calming and soothing. It can be a successful stone for getting rid of feelings of fear, anxiety, and even of anger. Angelite is thought to improve spirituality and spiritual awareness and it helps us connect with the angelic realm and our guardian angels. 

Angelites secondary healing powers are related to the physical body, and these include aiding in the healing of headaches and giving protection to the entire body. If you need to feel the calm and peaceful energies of Angelite or if you wish to improve your spirituality and awareness, wear this bracelet on your left hand, to receive those energies. Do you need to let go of feelings of fear, anxiety and anger or do you have a bad headache. Then wear this bracelet on your right hand, to let it all go.

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I hope these examples were helpful and please feel free to add a comment or question to this blog post!



To protect the condition of your crystal jewelry, don't shower with your bracelet or necklace on. Apply moisturizer and perfume on your body before adding your jewelry!



  • Kan jeg bruge 3 forskellige halskæde samtidig fx Ametys,Tiger øje choker og grøn aventurin?

  • Nadia, the guidance is to wear bracelet on the left hand to receive the energies from all the stones. Wear on the right to let go of those energies. Your bracelet sounds beautiful, and I would wear it on the left :)

  • Nice guide for wearing the Crystal Bracelets

    You can see our Crystal Necklaces Collection here


  • i got a gift with black obsidian stones and carnelian and citrine and pyrite and lapis lazuli and amethyst – all on one bracelet
    which hand do i wear it on
    id like to ward off negative energies and protect myself from bad vibes and energies too and at the same time i want the other crystals to work as well

    nadia ihsan

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