Meet the Kundalini Citrine✨
The Kundalini Citrine comes from Africa, more specifically Lwena in the Democratic Republic of Congo🇨🇩 Which is also the only place in the world it has so far been found!

This one-of-a-kind crystal is therefore not only rare, but also extremely unique in many ways, and I have therefore written a little more about it here:

First of all, I must mention that all crystals sold at The Crystal Avenues are ethically mined and you can read much more about it here!

And the Kundalini Citrine is therefore no exception. The area where this Citrine is mined is almost pure nature (which is fantastic), this also means that infrastructure does not exist and machines and electronics, are something you don't see very often.

The journey to Lwena starts from Johannesburg in South Africa, where my supplier is based. From there it is a 12-day journey by car. On the last part of the journey, cars cannot drive and therefore scooters borrowed from locals are used and from there it is by foot. The roads are uneven and in many places non-existent.

When the mining begins, there are therefore not many tools and all Kundalini Citrine is therefore hand-mined. When the crystal comes out of the earth it is surrounded by mud, so it is difficult to see the pieces until they are washed.

The way back is the hardest part of the journey, because of the bad roads and conditions. There are also no forms of paper or other packaging material to wrap them in after they are mined, so extra mud is used instead. The crystals are placed in special baskets, sold and made by locals, to carefully transport this crystal. But still, quite a few crystals often break on the journey.

After almost a whole month's journey, with many hands involved and a lot of teamwork and a lot of loving energy, the crystals arrive in Johannesburg, where they are thoroughly washed and made ready to be sold.

If you are lucky enough to already own a Kundalini Citrine, remember its long journey the next time you hold it✨

If you do not have a Kundalini Citrine yet, or if you are looking for one, hurry up and click here.
The sale of Kundalini Citrine throughout the world contributes to the fact that many local families in the Lwena area and beyond can provide for their families. 
Kundalini Citrine activates, opens and brings energy flow to all Chakras from the base to the crown, with its powerful Kundalini moving energies. It stimulates both mental focus and endurance and is one of the two minerals on the planet that does not hold and accumulate negative energy, but spreads and transmits it.

It is a great crystal for new beginnings; especially if you are stuck and want to move forward on your spiritual journey and change areas in your life that are not taking you in the direction you want.

Kundalini Citrine shows us our divine gifts and abilities, facilitates a rapid energy shift to wealth, prosperity and abundance, especially spiritual abundance.
It is a VERY Powerful Crystal of Manifestation!
Use Kundalini crystal energy to manifest your dreams and/or to create a protective energy shield.

Hold the crystal in your right hand as you move it in circles surrounding an object, person, written intention, prayer or room in your home. A very powerful energy field is now said to be formed using this method 💫

Besides being a fantastic crystal of manifestation, the Kundalini Citrine connects the warm energy of the sun, it is therefore enormously life-giving and full of life!✨

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