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The '12 months' Angel Card Reading brings to you messages about the next 12 months.

You can ask for a general reading to see what is ahead, or you may also direct your concerns toward something more specific, such as a job or a relationship. This is also a wonderful reading to have before the beginning of a new year or for your birthday!

If you are looking for a forecast for the upcoming 12 months, this Angel card reading is an excellent choice as it shows important events, issues and influences for each month in a 12-month time span. It will also inform you about any possible obstacles that will need to be dealt with, and the cards will tell you what is needed in order to deal with these things. Having a one year reading can help you plan and prepare for the events in your life and allows you to make the best decisions possible where needed.

You will receive:

- A digital document with the 12 months angel card images together with a personal explanation for each card related to your question. 

This reading requires your name and information about whether you would like a general reading or of something more specific. Upon purchase you will receive an email asking you for the informations, please respond to this email as soon as you receive it.

I will deliver your reading within 5 business days, after I receive your informations.