Open Box Service


We offer an open box service, which means you can place an order and leave it open, so it does not get shipped to you until you close your box.

When we add new crystals to the shop or when you feel like adding more crystals, you can do another order and add it to your box, and when you would like to receive all of your crystals you can close your box and have it shipped. 
To start an open box all you have to do is place an order and select the 'open box service' option at the shipping stage. Then continue to use this shipping method until you wish to close your box and have it shipped.
Terms & Conditions of 'Open Box Service'.
-Each order gets paid at the time of placing the order and we capture the payment when your order is added to your open box (usually within 24 hours)
-Open boxes can only stay open for a maximum of 60 days, from the day you placed the first order.
-If your box qualifies for Free Shipping it will automatically be shipped to you after 60 days, unless you have requested it to be shipped earlier.
-If your box does not qualify for free shipping, after 60 days or when you wish for it to be shipped, you will receive a payment link for the shipping cost. When the shipping is payed, your box will be shipped.
-When you wish to close your open box before the 60 days, simply send an email to: or send a message in the chat.
-It is not possible to remove items from your open box. The return and exchange policy applies from the day your box is shipped.

You are now ready to order!